4 Jun

What to Consider When Preparing to Ramp-up Operations? A Guide for Imagine Centers


Date still to be confirmed. 


In the face of COVID-19, most imaging centers have been forced to partially or completely shut down their operations. In some cases, these measures have been driven by State-imposed restrictions, and in others, by a lower volume of patients. As states start resuming nonurgent diagnostic radiology, outpatient imaging centers nationwide will have to ramp-up operations quickly and efficiently in order to work through a backlog of procedures built up since March. Learn from a panel of experts how you can prepare your center to ramp up operations in the most optimal way.

We will cover:

– Forecasting volumes based on key leading indicators
– Appointment scheduling in the face of COVID-19
– Employee return-to-work criteria
– Setting up your center to avoid the spread of the virus


Coming soon!