The novel coronavirus reach is wide and continues to impact hospitals, outpatient centers, and other businesses around the world. With no clear medical solution to the problem, governments are using non-pharmaceutical interventions to treat this outbreak. Social distancing has been suggested, but in other cases, state leaders are taking more drastic actions.

Working Remotely

During times like these or any other natural disaster, businesses with contact centers are at high risk of business interruption given the inflexible “on-premise” nature of their operations. An essential and large part of their workforce, the agents, need to be in one location to access a range of systems and provide service to customers.

In this webinar, we will discuss how work-from-home programs and other measures can help you counteract disruptions like these on time to ensure the continuity of your business. As a nearshore business support services firm with a strong footprint in the medical sector, we have been helping many hospitals and outpatient centers to provide the best patient experience possible. Our goal is to have health care providers focus on what they do best, patient care, while we handle the rest.

Having had to supply essential business services during natural catastrophes such as hurricanes or earthquakes, we have the logistical and technical capabilities to provide support services and ensure the continuity of your business, as well as, continuous support of your patient or customer base.