A missed call means missed business.

We can start by making a very objective question, why should we care about them? In the Imaging Center industry, dropped, abandoned or missed calls are easily translated into lost revenue.

As a strategically that has worked during the years with all types of imaging centers and partnered with leading organizations in this industry across the 50 states providing them with patients scheduling and support, we identify an opportunity while analyzing the data this experience gives us.

Interacting with patients in a timely manner has become crucial to both new customer acquisitions and keeping your current patient-base happy. A missed call or unanswered email represents an appointment that didn’t take place, but worse than that, it could also mean losing a potential lifelong patient.

Patients are less willing than ever to spend time waiting for your business to reply to their inquiries and they know your competitor is just a google search away. For these patients, even seconds matter nowadays. Properly managing your patient scheduling operation can make a significant difference to your bottom line and the overall patient satisfaction driven by these interactions.

Join the scheduling experts at CCD Health to discuss a framework on how to assess the financial impact of abandoned calls and decide on the most cost-effective solutions in the market.