The COVID-19 challenge extends worldwide, impacting all types of operations, but also accelerating transformational processes that have driven the healthcare Imaging Industry into taking decisions that would maintain the prevention and protection measures for patients and staff. Nowadays, most of the modalities are back to pre-crisis levels, and by modalities, we mean mammograms, X-rays, MRIs, etc. exemplifying how the industry has dealt with these increases while also establishing procedures that would guarantee safe operations.

In this webinar, you will learn from a panel of experts, Matt Dewey (Chief Information Officer from Wake Radiology) and Kasey Esparza (Regional Director of Operations from Radnet) how you can prepare your center to Ramp Up operations in the most optimal way.


We will be covering:
1- Forecasting volumes based on key leading indicators;
2- Appointment scheduling in the face of COVID-19;
3- Employee and patient return to work criteria;
4- Setting up your center to avoid the spread of the virus;


Join our experts and discover how to optimize these best practices, while reducing backlogs, keeping all services quality levels, and leveraging quality care.