CCD’s global and diverse team is focused on supporting, innovating, and delivering great results consistently. Our success is a direct result of the work of our people who live and breathe our core beliefs. Simply put, we believe in better.

Why work with us?

We believe in people. We believe in providing the right environment and tools for our employees to succeed. We’re able to continuously provide superior quality services because our employees are happy. Join the fastest growing team in the Dominican Republic. Our culture is centered around people and our teams are focused on excellence. At CCD, we provide opportunities that will allow you to develop personally and professionally.

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Words from our employees

At CCD, I was able to bond with my teammates at extracurricular activities. Being able to share with my colleagues in and outside of work has created a sense of belonging. CCD feels like home.

Manuel Perello

I really like the culture at CCD. It is the coolest center I’ve ever worked at. There’s a diverse and open-minded workforce. Every day I learn something new from my peers.

María Vlieg

CCD University

We are a company with a face. Our management deeply cares about all of CCD’s employees. The CCD University project arose from the desire to host an open environment and create a sense of belonging as a company. Our team is available to listen to and support the work that each of our employees does.

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